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Year 07.

Camera Care, Protection, and Safety

29th January 2011

These three questions about camera care, protection, and safety seemed similar enough that it makes sense for me to answer them all at once.  (I’ll add a disclaimer that anything I say here shouldn’t be taken as legal advice and while I’ve had generally good experiences while taking photos that you shouldn’t think that anything I say here is smart - I try to do things that fall within my comfort zone, you should do the same)

diamondsheeprebirth asked: Do you ever worry about your camera getting stolen whilst you’re out shooting? I live in Dublin and I rarely go out around the city to shoot for this reason.

Personally, I’ve never felt particularly unsafe when I’ve been out with my camera.  If you’re going to be in an area that you’d worry about your camera’s (and your own) safety then be careful.  I’ve been lucky to take pictures in safe areas (e.g. all of New York, the areas of Miami I’ve walked around and everywhere else I’ve traveled) - if you’re somewhere unsafe, or where your camera would stand out, be smart about it.

upanddowns asked: how do you protect your camera from the weather?

I don’t do anything on this front - my new D7000 is weatherproof, so I’m not really worried about it.  For my screens I use a ZAGG invisible shield for the LCD and I use a UV filter on all my lenses to protect them.  The bag I use is reasonably waterproof (as in “I’ve walked around in thunderstorms and most my stuff has stayed dry) so I just stay smart around my equipment.

1000wordsss asked: i love your blog!!! I’ve always had an interest in photography and bought a canon rebel as a xmas present for myself. I absolutely love it!!!! Any tips for a beginner? Also any precautions I should take when taking my camera out in the cold? I’m worried about condensation and all that messing up my camera.

Congrats on the camera purchase! I’ve given lots of advice over the past few months, there’s some good stuff in there (sorry it’s a pain to read right now tho), but this answer should help a lot.

Thanks all for the questions! Keep ‘em coming!

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  2. hearusmedia said: Are they trying to say that Brooklyn (and the rest of NYC) are too dangerous to take pics?
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